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The following image shows when the same lightning strike has been observed from two or more sites, the location of the strike is caclulated by tringulation of two ligntning radar sites.



The following image plots the direction towards the lightning discharge and its strength. The strength of the strike is recorded between 0 dB and -99 dB.



The following image shows the number of strikes with respect to time the horizontal axis gives the time of day 0:00:00 at the left, 23:55:59 at the right. The vertical axis is the direction towards the lightning discharge. At the top is true north 0 degr. and at the bottom is south, 180 degr. The color of the dots indicate the signal strength. Dark red is -50 dB light blue is -30 dB



The following image shows how well the remote lightning radar is syncing with the local station, It should have three vertical lines. If not then the syncing is not good, and the trianglation will not work.

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