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Tuesday, 25 June 2024 15:57

As you will see from the various stats on this site I have a number of temperature sensors around the house. These sensors are all 1Wire temperature sensors connected to either the house Linux machine, a ha7net box or a raspberry pi.

To make it easy to add/remove these sensors I have created a RJ45 coupler DS18S20 hybrid. This is not an Ethernet device, but is used as a dedicated 1Wire network, well in fact a number of them, so interconnection is via Cat5e cables.
dpp 1807

The following pictures show the build.. I had already created a few of these modules before, but this is the first time I have documented it, and guess what, it got it wrong! The two colours that are used for the 1Wire bus on these couplers have been swapped on the new couplers I have used! So when I made up these they did not work, opps, so after reversing the two wires all works, lesson learnt check every batch of couplers. The colour of of the two 1-Wire bus wires in the couplers may not be the same as the ones I have used, so make sure you select the right ones.

They are quite fiddly to make, so patience is required. Another good point is to find out the 1Wire id of the sensor and then put the last four numbers on the side of the module. This helps identification. If you can put the whole number on, then do so.

dpp 1767 dpp 1774


dpp 1783 dpp 1785


dpp 1787 dpp 1789


dpp 1793 dpp 1799


dpp 1805 dpp 1781


dpp 1802 dpp 1807
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