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Tuesday, 25 June 2024 17:21

I recorded the following video at Vallance By Ways in 1994 Steam Fair. I have only just rediscovered it, and so decided to share it with you all. It depicts the starting of all four Rolls Royce Griffon Engines, what a wonderful sound.

The following pictures were taken at Duxford in 1997, with a one of those throw away cameras. I was very impressed with the results, at the time. The pictures are of a Mk III Shackleton, which was not looking in such good condition, it's very sad not to see it under cover. This was the RAFs last 4 engined, piston engined aircraft. My Dad few in the Mk II, so the Shackleton has quite a bit of meaning to me. I believe it's nick name was 10,000 rivets flying in close formation. I wonder if the riveters ever suffered from RSI! click on the pictures for a larger version

  Here is a picture of a MkIII Shackleton with it's engines running a few years ago at Valence Byways Aircraft Museum.
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