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Tuesday, 25 June 2024 15:45

This is such a brilliant bit of kit, it solves the problem of time synchronization with any source, well MSF, DCF77, GPS and some others, best is to visit Dave's site, Unusual Electronics. It's very simple to setup and connect.

Dave has just (May 2013) has sent me a new version of the PIC with updated software, this now allows a GPS system to be connected all the time if needed.


I put the Chronverter into a small box. I have allowed it to be neatly connected to the Sven Nixie Tube clock. The only issue with it was hooking it up to the Sven, this requires an inverted GPS signal, so I inverted the output of the Chronverter with a 7405, see the vero board in the picture above. (Note the above picture is slightly out of date, there is now a wire from TP A, bottom right, to the 7405. I have also allowed for it to be connected via a serial port for configuration.

It is also possible to connect a GPS source into it at the same time. I have manged to cram 2 3.5mm stereo sockets and a 9 pin D socket as well into the box, as you can see from the picture above.

I have also connected another Chronverter on to my Clock Kit V1.08, which only supports DCF77 and no BST adjustment, this solves this as well!. I have also put a connector (3.5 mm jack) /circuit on so I can use Jurgen's wireless GPS extender system. The serial connector is for setup of the Chronverter, this should not be needed other than the initial setup, but as I had space I thought it would make sense to add it.


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