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  • Chronverter (time source)

    This is such a brilliant bit of kit, it solves the problem of time synchronization with any source, well MSF, DCF77, GPS and some others, best is to visit Dave's site, Unusual Electronics. It's very simple to setup and connect. Dave has just (May 2013)...

  • Raspberry PI GPS Time Source

    One of my Nixie tube clocks uses a radio controlled time source to sync to, the MSK clock in the UK. This has not been that reliable, thus I decided it needed to be changed for another time sync system. The clock also supported GPS as a time source....

  • Nixie Tube Clock - End On Tubes

    This project was started just over a year ago (Feb 2011), The reason for this build was that our old Video recorder had the time displayed on it all the time, so very useful when watching the Television, however one day we tried to pay a video in it,...

  • Soil Temperature Sensor Build

    to see from the cross section it looks as if it worked well At the cable end of the sensor,again I used hot glue, but this time I drilled a hole down the centre of the rod of glue for the cable to pass through and put this inside the heat shrink as...

  • Weather Station Refurb 2010

    on the station. Well it caught up with me in the last couple of weeks. The station completely failed. After finding some time when it was not raining or snowing, I have managed to carry out the repairs. The first issue was with the solar sensor, which I...

  • Sven Nixie Tube Clock

    I had built it earlier, it is brilliant, I absolutely love it. It's very well thought out and made. At this present point in time (January 2013)... has run out of Sven kits, but it seems a new version is coming out! I have also brought the GPS...

  • Rain Gauge Heater

    days before operation was resumed. When the gauge started working again, the water would be measured at the wrong point in time indicating it's raining(snowing) when it's not. Following are images without any heaters fitted A number of people have come...

  • Raspberry PI NTP Stratum 1 Server

    2uS long, not enough for the PI to catch. The solution was to to put the signal through a signal stretcher. I found a NE555 timer kicking around and a few other components, and as you can see from below, the result. The beige RJ45 connector on the...

  • Dyadnix Nixie Tube Clock

    sent me free replacements, now that is customer service. More pictures to come and a video of it operating.. when I get some time...

  • Weather Station Refurb 2013

    of each housing was required. The station also need a bit of a repaint, it was showing signs of deterioration. The last time the parts were painted was many years ago. The left picture is the base of the Stevenson's screen, and the right is the base of...

  • Avro Shackleton

    were taken at Duxford in 1997, with a one of those throw away cameras. I was very impressed with the results, at the time. The pictures are of a Mk III Shackleton, which was not looking in such good condition, it's very sad not to see it under cover....

  • Raspberry PI - I2C Compass

    solution, great.. roll on. The mast comes down about twice a year for maintenance, just really to check it over, but every time I put it back up it is a pain to get it to point north, this solves it, well I hope so, it's yet to be fitted, the compass is...

  • Bluebell Railway

    Here is their website. This railway is a great place of young and old, my kids think it's great, we have to go there all the time. They have engine sheds you can walk round, a model railway, somewhere to get a pint. It's even possible to book a meal in...

  • 1-Wire Tempreature Sensor Build

    cables. The following pictures show the build.. I had already created a few of these modules before, but this is the first time I have documented it, and guess what, it got it wrong! The two colours that are used for the 1Wire bus on these couplers have...

  • House Temperature Statistics

    line-height: 120%; } #ttstatsdate { font-size: 8px; text-align:right; } Location Today This Week This Month This Year All Time Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min

  • Rain Gauge Heater Project

    days before operation was resumed. When the gauge started working again, the water would be measured at the wrong point in time indicating it's raining(snowing) when it's not. So I have built a rain gauge heater... click here to see project page.

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