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  • Soil Temperature Sensor Build

    The soil temperature sensor is based on a design from John Bennett . I have made a couple of changes to John's design, firstly I do not have PCB making facilities, second his sensor has to sit at the end of a 1-Wire bus, or off the side as a spur. I...

  • Weather Station Refurb 2013

    down last year (2012) I found lots of issues with it, mainly to do with the inconnecting wires between the different sensors. I decided to improve the ease of connecting the sensors together. Be it that the sensors use RJ45 connectors, it seemed...

  • 1-Wire Tempreature Sensor Build

    As you will see from the various stats on this site I have a number of temperature sensors around the house. These sensors are all 1Wire temperature sensors connected to either the house Linux machine, a ha7net box or a raspberry pi. To make it easy to...

  • Weather Station Refurb 2010

    some time when it was not raining or snowing, I have managed to carry out the repairs. The first issue was with the solar sensor, which I had thought was producing very odd results. The sensor failed so badly that it took down the data-bus that sends...

  • House Sensor Events Graphs

    This page contains all the historic information of the various sensors placed around the house. img { max-width: 100%; object-fit: scale-down; } Device Events Today Events This Week Device Events Today Events This Week Door Bell...

  • House Monitoring (deprecated)

    the latest version of Fedora! The Ha7Net is located in the airing cupboard, see the following image. The 1-wire temperature sensors have been attached to the network by a RJ45 couplers. I have made a good few of these now, although a little fiddly, as...

  • Raspberry PI - I2C Compass

    point north, this solves it, well I hope so, it's yet to be fitted, the compass is not the mast :-) Below you can see the sensor that is going into the anemometer, luckily there is space, in fact AAG must have known I was going to develop this :-), it...

  • Sven Nixie Tube Clock

    factory default. There are a myriad of options for them, I have yet to try them all out. There is a built in temperature sensor, which gives the current temperature of where the clock is placed, this is displayed every few seconds, another great...

  • Rain Gauge Heater

    limiting resistors, and thus quite a bit of heat would be generated in the control unit. So as there is a temperature sensor in the rain gauge, why not put one in the control module, I Wire is very well suited to this as one can put them in parallel on...

  • Current Hassocks Weather Station Measurements

    Wet Leaf sensor repaired, back in service.

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