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  • Weather Station Refurb 2013

    between the different sensors. I decided to improve the ease of connecting the sensors together. Be it that the sensors use RJ45 connectors, it seemed sensible to use water/weatherproof RJ45 connectors. I found a good supply at solwise. The only problem...

  • Raspberry PI - I2C Compass

    the power requirements over this length of cable. My usual way of making sensors/device easy to remove is to use a good old RJ45 connector, I use RJ45 couplers, that I crack open, a simple twist, even more convenient is the pin assemblies can be...

  • Soil Temperature Sensor Build

    point. This would allow for the sensor to be isolated if there were any issues with it, easily. All that is needed is a RJ45 joiner, so a waterproof box with cable glands was sourced from a local electrical supplier, in my case TLC. A plate was required...

  • House Monitoring (deprecated)

    in the airing cupboard, see the following image. The 1-wire temperature sensors have been attached to the network by a RJ45 couplers. I have made a good few of these now, although a little fiddly, as the wires within the coupler are not very long. But...

  • Raspberry PI NTP Stratum 1 Server

    I found a NE555 timer kicking around and a few other components, and as you can see from below, the result. The beige RJ45 connector on the veroboard is for the connection to the GPS unit. This makes connecting and disconnecting the unit easy. I have...

  • 1-Wire Tempreature Sensor Build

    either the house Linux machine, a ha7net box or a raspberry pi. To make it easy to add/remove these sensors I have created a RJ45 coupler DS18S20 hybrid. This is not an Ethernet device, but is used as a dedicated 1Wire network, well in fact a number of...

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