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  • Weather Station Refurb 2013

    bit of a repaint, it was showing signs of deterioration. The last time the parts were painted was many years ago. The left picture is the base of the Stevenson's screen, and the right is the base of the wet leaf sensor mount. As the wet leaf sensor was...

  • Avro Shackleton

    it with you all. It depicts the starting of all four Rolls Royce Griffon Engines, what a wonderful sound. The following pictures were taken at Duxford in 1997, with a one of those throw away cameras. I was very impressed with the results, at the time....

  • Chronverter (time source)

    this requires an inverted GPS signal, so I inverted the output of the Chronverter with a 7405, see the vero board in the picture above. (Note the above picture is slightly out of date, there is now a wire from TP A, bottom right, to the 7405. I have...

  • Sven Nixie Tube Clock

    temperature of where the clock is placed, this is displayed every few seconds, another great feature. Following are a few pictures of the build, this should give you some idea on the skills required to build it. The last couple of pictures are not...

  • Nixie Tube Construction

    encasement, to get a better look at the internals. The tube is a IN-12A, from the former Soviet Union. If you click on the pictures a larger picture will popup.

  • Raspberry PI - I2C Compass

    will see the compass chip is a tad tight to the main instrument board, so a little fettling was needed.. Following is the pictures of the fettling, as you can see the distance from the instrument board is much improved. There is plenty of information on...

  • Amberley Working Museum

    the year they have special days, these include visits by various classic car clubs. The area around the museum is also very picturest. I have created a micro-site which goes into much more detail on the Museum, it also has a virtual tour of the museum,...

  • Dyadnix Nixie Tube Clock

    Luckily Dave (the proprietor ) is a fantastic Chap and he sent me free replacements, now that is customer service. More pictures to come and a video of it operating.. when I get some time...

  • Bluebell Railway

    and down the line. I have not experienced this yet, but my parents have, the say it's wonderful. Well here are a couple of pictures of their working 45 ton steam crane, which they use!!! Here is a map of the location of the main station of the Bluebell....

  • 1-Wire Tempreature Sensor Build

    is used as a dedicated 1Wire network, well in fact a number of them, so interconnection is via Cat5e cables. The following pictures show the build.. I had already created a few of these modules before, but this is the first time I have documented it,...

  • House Monitoring (deprecated)

    the garage, it needs to be vacuumed out regularly, spiders seem to enjoy living in there! The server is on the left of the picture and the UPS is on the right, which is an APC 2200. The monitoring system is based around a 1-wire system, same type of...

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