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  • Weather Station Refurb 2013

    I found a good supply at solwise. The only problem is that they are quite large with respect to the size of the sensor housings. So major rebuild of each housing was required. The station also need a bit of a repaint, it was showing signs of...

  • Weather Station Refurb 2010

    to the PC. Luckily I had brought a spare sensor earlier in the year. I have improved the mounting of the sensors in the housing. Before I used screws with insulated washers, this time I have used nylon standoffs. This should allow the flow of air more...

  • Raspberry PI - I2C Compass

    open, a simple twist, even more convenient is the pin assemblies can be removed, thus make them easy to cable. The coupler housing is simply hot glued to the vero board. This is the first fit into my backup anemometer, as you will see the compass chip...

  • Raspberry PI NTP Stratum 1 Server

    I had already built a lightning radar, which used a GPS unit (EM406A). One of the biggest issue was finding an outdoors housing for the GPS unit, and as I had come up with a solution, I decided to use the same unit. This gave one interfacing issue with...

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