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  • Rain Gauge Heater

    working again, the water would be measured at the wrong point in time indicating it's raining(snowing) when it's not. Following are images without any heaters fitted A number of people have come up with a number of solutions, including putting a 12v...

  • House Monitoring (deprecated)

    to publish it for all to view. All this has been superseded, I have yet to give a description of the new system. The following image is the Linux server and the computer systems UPS. A UPS is a must in Copthorne! Not a pretty case but it does the job....

  • Avro Shackleton

    I recorded the following video at Vallance By Ways in 1994 Steam Fair. I have only just rediscovered it, and so decided to share it with you all. It depicts the starting of all four Rolls Royce Griffon Engines, what a wonderful sound. The following...

  • Sven Nixie Tube Clock

    gives the current temperature of where the clock is placed, this is displayed every few seconds, another great feature. Following are a few pictures of the build, this should give you some idea on the skills required to build it. The last couple of...

  • Weather Station Refurb 2013

    The other advantage of this, is that the sensor can be isolated from the rest of the for problem determination. The following pictures are the RJ45 splitter board that is fitted within the housing. This allows easyconnection of the waterproof RJ45...

  • Raspberry PI - I2C Compass

    as you will see the compass chip is a tad tight to the main instrument board, so a little fettling was needed.. Following is the pictures of the fettling, as you can see the distance from the instrument board is much improved. There is plenty of...

  • 1-Wire Tempreature Sensor Build

    but is used as a dedicated 1Wire network, well in fact a number of them, so interconnection is via Cat5e cables. The following pictures show the build.. I had already created a few of these modules before, but this is the first time I have documented...

  • BBC B - Royal Pavilion

    projects to it. Maybe the new Raspberry Pi will bring this interesting part of computing back to the ordinary person. The following article was out of 'Micro User' in March 1987, it shows how such a simple computer could be used for such a complex and...

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