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  • Weather Station Refurb 2013

    At the beginning of this year (2013) I decided to carry out a full refurb of the weather station. When I took the station down last year (2012) I found lots of issues with it, mainly to do with the inconnecting wires between the different sensors. I...

  • House Monitoring (deprecated)

    to monitor it's temperatures. All the data collected has been logged in to a MySQL database. However only recently have I decided to publish it for all to view. All this has been superseded, I have yet to give a description of the new system. The...

  • Avro Shackleton

    I recorded the following video at Vallance By Ways in 1994 Steam Fair. I have only just rediscovered it, and so decided to share it with you all. It depicts the starting of all four Rolls Royce Griffon Engines, what a wonderful sound. The following...

  • Raspberry PI NTP Stratum 1 Server

    One of the biggest issue was finding an outdoors housing for the GPS unit, and as I had come up with a solution, I decided to use the same unit. This gave one interfacing issue with the PI, the 1 PPS, was only 2uS long, not enough for the PI to catch....

  • Raspberry PI GPS Time Source

    clocks uses a radio controlled time source to sync to, the MSK clock in the UK. This has not been that reliable, thus I decided it needed to be changed for another time sync system. The clock also supported GPS as a time source. Hum, this would mean...

  • Nixie Tube Clock - End On Tubes

    in re-syncing. I did not bother too much at diagnosing the issue at this point as I had still to make a case for it. I decided that I wanted to sandwich the pcb between two perspex sheets, with the tubes poking out. This would allow the circuit to be...

  • Nixie Tube Construction

    As one of my Nixie Tubes failed, I decided to remove it's glass encasement, to get a better look at the internals. The tube is a IN-12A, from the former Soviet Union. If you click on the pictures a larger picture will popup.

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