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  • Nixie Tube Clock - End On Tubes

    the Television, however one day we tried to pay a video in it, no joy, so time to bin the video recorder and build a clock. I had build a vertical tube clock before, but this time not only did I want a more compact clock, but also MSF atomic time...

  • Sven Nixie Tube Clock

    I have also brought the GPS synchronization option with it, this seems to work really well. The RGB leds really bring the clock to live, they very subtlety change colour. Even in the factory default. There are a myriad of options for them, I have yet to...

  • Raspberry PI GPS Time Source

    One of my Nixie tube clocks uses a radio controlled time source to sync to, the MSK clock in the UK. This has not been that reliable, thus I decided it needed to be changed for another time sync system. The clock also supported GPS as a time source....

  • Dyadnix Nixie Tube Clock

    This is one of my latest Nixie tube kits I have built. It's called Dyadnix by a company called unusualelectronics. This one requires good soldering skills, it really does. However the instructions are very good and simple to understand. I did manage to...

  • Chronverter (time source)

    the time if needed. I put the Chronverter into a small box. I have allowed it to be neatly connected to the Sven Nixie Tube clock. The only issue with it was hooking it up to the Sven, this requires an inverted GPS signal, so I inverted the output of...

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