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  • Soil Temperature Sensor Build

    chemicals/tools. Also it seemed a bit of a high cost just to make one sensor. So I came up with the idea of using Vero board, I had a piece hangging around, so decision made. I cut two strips of the board and glued them together with epoxy glue, this...

  • Raspberry PI NTP Stratum 1 Server

    kicking around and a few other components, and as you can see from below, the result. The beige RJ45 connector on the veroboard is for the connection to the GPS unit. This makes connecting and disconnecting the unit easy. I have allowed plenty of space...

  • Raspberry PI - I2C Compass

    to have a max distance of a few inches, not 20 meters plus... However you will notice a little 8 legged chip on the vero board, this is an I2C bus driver (P82B715PN), and it works a treat, so far I have tested it over a 20 meter cat5 patch cable, and it...

  • Weather Station Refurb 2013

    that the sensor can be isolated from the rest of the for problem determination. The following pictures are the RJ45 splitter board that is fitted within the housing. This allows easyconnection of the waterproof RJ45 sockets fitted in the housing. I used...

  • House Monitoring (deprecated)

    (Fedora 11), The Linux server tends to run whatever is the latest version of Fedora! The Ha7Net is located in the airing cupboard, see the following image. The 1-wire temperature sensors have been attached to the network by a RJ45 couplers. I have made...

  • Rain Gauge Heater

    a tad over the top, but a bit of fun, well for a techie anyhow. The following images are of the guage with the resistor boards fitted. As I have started playing around with the Raspberry Pis since they have come out, this seemed an ideal opportunity to...

  • Chronverter (time source)

    up to the Sven, this requires an inverted GPS signal, so I inverted the output of the Chronverter with a 7405, see the vero board in the picture above. (Note the above picture is slightly out of date, there is now a wire from TP A, bottom right, to the...

  • Raspberry PI GPS Time Source

    the customary LED, to let me know it was working. The next issue, was the lack of serial port, I had already used up the on board UART on the Stratum 1 server. Another look though my supplies, I found a spare USB to serial cable, problem solved. Only...

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