This page is the start point for my tribute to the 'Amberley Chalk Pits Museum'. I have created a virtual tour, well really a map where you can click the marked points, where upon you will see a picture of that place or view.

The Amberley Chalk Pits Museum, is located in Sussex very near to Arundel, it's a must. The Museum is an industrial open air working museum with exhibits as diverse as clay pipe making to the history of Video cassette recorders. It covers about 36 acres, and was established in 1979. Throughout the year they have special days, these include visits by classic car clubs. The area around the museum is also very picturesque. Even one of the 'James Bond' films had some scenes filmed here, it was meant to be California USA, hum, not quite, it rains less in California!

The virtual tour map is quite large, so, please be patient in waiting for it to download into the browser. This tour only shows a small part of the museum, you really must visit to see the whole picture, do allow a good day. Even if it's raining it's worth it. There is also a large amount of nature around the museum, for those not so engineering minded people, although I would say it is better in the summer for this.

The legend for the map is as follows

View inside building.
View looking in the arrows direction

Click here or the Bus for the Virtual Amberley Tour

larger version of picture

There is a 'Official' web site for the museum, please click here.

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